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The Best Tacos in Buffalo; an (almost) exhaustive list

Sand, CEO, Buffalo, NY
02 March 2021
It’s the first of December and BOOM, the snow hits you right in the face and you’ve instantly forgotten all about Fall and 70 degree days. We know we’re in for it now, the grueling 4+ months of winter stretch. The question is how can we get some respite? My suggestion… TACOS. Here’s where to get the best tacos in Buffalo RIGHT NOW!

Delicious and comforting, excellent & authentic Tacos are easier than ever to get in Buffalo


If you have never seen the show ‘Taco Chronicles’ on Netflix, I warn you, it’s going to make you HUNGRY. Each episode highlights one delicious and special taco from a region in Mexico, where that taco originated. I highly recommend watching it AFTER eating, but no promises that’s going to stop you from craving tacos once they appear on screen. So obviously, after watch it I started craving tacos. I started looking and I was unable to find an exhaustive list of tacos within our city so I felt it my duty to share with you my list via Buffalo Food Tours.


Top Taco Spots, in no particular order 😉


three tacos
+ La Divina – This was one of the first places that really excited local taco connoisseurs, and word spread quickly around rest of town. They weren’t the first taco joint, but they were one of the first to be using FRESH HOMEMADE CORN tortillas. Any Taco lover will tell you, homemade tortillas, are an absolute must for a proper taco. La Divina is tucked away in a former grocery/deli in Kenmore on Delaware Ave. They always seem to be changing the look and feel of the place. I’ll tell you it doesn’t matter what they do to the inside or out, their Tacos are one of the best in town. Don’t overlook La Divina.


I preferred the morning walk to the evening (aka Paseo meaning “evening stroll” in Spain) but that’s mostly because I like to avoid crowds. Each walk was noticeably different in terms of partakers. Morning was owned by the athletes; the runners and bicyclists of the city. Trapped inside with nowhere to stretch their legs other than up and down some stairwells. These people took the the streets with open arms. Paseo Castellano, a street normally bustling with automobiles, was commandeered by bicyclists who were free to pick any lane and ride freely for miles.

Morning stroll in Chamberi

Chamberi, Madrid

The Taco scene in Buffalo has stepped its game up, and continues to impress visitors and locals alike


+ Taqueria Los Mayas – If somehow you haven’t heard the recent hype of this place, I’m here to change that. Tacqueria Los Mayas might be the best taco shop in Buffalo right now. If your lucky enough to get a table or smart enough to order ahead for pickup then pat yourself on the back. These tacos are the real deal & the only one on the list that packs tacos w only 1 tortilla (which I prefer). This joint also gained popularity from their hidden menu Birria Taco (their take on the original) which is served w a side of broth for dunking, The Birria taco has got