COVID-19 – Buffalo, NY Restaurant Updates (as of Mar. 9, 2021)

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COVID-19 has decimated the food industry across the country,

and because of COVID-19, Restaurants in Buffalo, NY have struggled to stay afloat. Thousands of local lives have been lost. Over 20 local restaurants have closed and so many in our community are out of work (Click here to learn how to help local Buffalonians).  Few words can put the loss we’ve endured into perspective, but our actions and how we come out of this will be our redemption story!

Buffalo Food Tours is working with local restaurants to bring people back, safely & with proper precautions in place. Because we love our city, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Current COVID-19 rules and guidelines for restaurants in Buffalo, NY for indoor & outdoor dining 

  • Restaurants: open indoor dining to 75% capacity starting March 19th

  • Maximum of 4 people per table

  • Patrons must wear face coverings at all times, except while seated; provided that the patron is over the age of 2 and able to medically tolerate such covering
  • Outdoor Dining: Individuals seated at the same table must be members of the same party (but may be from different households), with a maximum of 10 people per table.
  • If located in a cluster action zone pursuant to Executive Order 202.68, tables are limited to 4 individuals per party
  • Limit outdoor capacity to the number of tables that can be safely and appropriately arranged, such that each table is a minimum of 6 ft. away from another.
  • Seating in bar areas and communal tables are only permitted if at least 6 ft. can be maintained between parties
  • Acceptable face coverings include but are not limited to cloth (e.g. homemade sewn, quick cut, bandana), surgical masks, and face shields.
  • Temperature screening may occur at any of the restaurants visited
  • Restaurants are to provide cleaning and disinfection of exposed areas in the event of an individual is confirmed to have COVID-19, with such cleaning and disinfection to include, at a minimum, all heavy transit areas and high-touch surfaces.

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