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It all started… while living abroad in Madrid, Spain in 2019-2020. Plans for the next adventure and returning to the US were starting to take shape when an idea was born.

Merging passions for food, Buffalo, and sharing an experience with others, the idea of a food tour company was one I couldn’t let go. Although I’ve spent time abroad and a few years down in NYC, Buffalo has always been home. The food scene has continued to flourish and impress and I knew it was not a matter of if, but when I would return. My goals are to provide an excellent and unforgettable experience for all tour goers & for everyone who joins us, to leave having a positive and optimistic view of Buffalo, the City of Good Neighbors.

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Proud Supporter of Feed Buffalo: A portion of proceeds to go support local Buffalonians obtaining healthy and nutritious food. Donate and help your local community today!

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